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Planning Your Special Occasion

Quinceaneras, sweet 16’s, birthdays and anniversaries all mark milestones in our lives that deserve to be celebrated! Jennifer can create a custom package based on exactly what you need. She can help you coordinate color schemes, logos, linen rentals, and balloons, just to mention a few! She really gets to know you and what you want in your event to ensure your personality and style shines through in every aspect.

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Why Hire a Planner
Why Hire a Planner for Social Event
  1. You need help with time management to relieve the stress of planning the event alone.
  2. You need help creating a budget and sticking to it.
  3. You want your event to be creative and clever.
  4. You need access to top-notch, exciting, and trusted vendors.
  5. You need someone with expertise to advise you on your decisions.
  6. You need someone to negotiate contracts and get you the best deals.
  7. You need help with troubleshooting when issues arise.
  8. You need another set of eyes on the planning to pay attention to detail.
  9. You need the timing of the event to flow seamlessly.
  10. You want to enjoy your big day with your friend and family!
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The Process

There are three packages offered so that you can select what fits best for you!

Full-Service Event Planning is typically started one to three years out. This package includes an extensive venue selection, budget creation and tracking, and a hand-holder for the tricky and tedious invitation process.

Mid-Level Planning is typically from the six-month mark. You select the venue, hire the vendors, and choose your own invitations. After that Jennifer jumps in and executes your theme, decor, audio-visual and lighting. This package also includes managing your vendors and contacts from this point on until the event.

Month Of Event Coordination is exactly what it sounds like. You plan the event and Jennifer hops in at one month from the event to “Tie A Bow” on it! Includes final vendor management, payment of invoices, guest seating consultation, floor plan consulting, and of course, working the event the day of. Jennifer will be there from start to finish to ensure your event goes smoothly!

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Our Events
Fifty and Fabulous!

Celebrating with Richard, Barry and Sydney! It was an amazing night!

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Sophie's 18th Birthday

Step Right Up! Carnival Theme Birthday!

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Frequently Asked Questions
How soon should I hire an event planner?

For social occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, 6-9 months from the event is suggested.

How can I help my event planner?

Create a Pinterest board and invite me as a collaborator! That way I can see exactly what you have in mind!

How can an event planners save me money?

Event planners have lots of contacts and are able to negotiate better contracts with these vendors based on how much business they do together. In addition, a good planner should direct you to spend your money on impactful aspects of the event vs things that might sound like a good idea, but might not be needed for a successful event. In other words, a good planner should be smart with the money, not frivolous.

Does my planner stay for the party or just decorate?

It all depends on what you need! You may want to hire a planner to create the look, set up the decor and then leave you to entertain your guests, or you may want someone there for the entirety of the event. The nice thing about my packages is that I can customize a package based on what you need, and what you can afford.

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