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Planning Your Company Function

Tie A Bow plans and produces large-scale events of any nature. Whether it is a company holiday party, a product launch, or an intimate dinner Jennifer has the know-how and resources to execute an event that is seamless yet noteworthy, offering you strategic support for your celebrations and awards ceremonies. Jennifer will create the celebration so that you can focus on the business at hand!

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Why Hire a Planner
Why Hire a Planner for Your Corporate Events
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The Process

There are three packages offered so that you can select what fits best for you!

Full-Service Event Planning is typically started one to three years out. This package includes an extensive venue selection, budget creation and tracking, and a hand-holder for the tricky and tedious invitation process.

Mid-Level Planning is typically from the six-month mark. You select the venue, hire the vendors, and choose your own invitations. After that Jennifer jumps in and executes your theme, decor, audio-visual and lighting. This package also includes managing your vendors and contacts from this point on until the event.

Month Of Event Coordination is exactly what it sounds like. You plan the event and Jennifer hops in at one month from the event to “Tie A Bow” on it! Includes final vendor management, payment of invoices, guest seating consultation, floor plan consulting, and of course, working the event the day of. Jennifer will be there from start to finish to ensure your event goes smoothly!

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