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Planning Your Big Day

It is more than just the flowers, the band, and the cocktails. It is all about creating an experience for you from start to finish that flows seamlessly. Your wedding should embody the adventure you both are about to share. No two weddings are the same, as no two couples are alike.

As an expert wedding planner, Jennifer works closely with you leading up to your event, sharing ideas to enhance your vision. Through our collaboration, clients are expertly guided through the maze of decisions that exceptional events demand – venue, catering, event design, entertainment, photography – until an ideal team is created.

She will get to know your personality and your vision so that she can inject all of those little details that make your wedding one of your dreams. The best part? She will work with you to create a budget that is appropriate for your event, and will plan your event around that “magic number”.

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Why Hire a Planner
Why Hire a Planner for Your Wedding
  1. You need help with time management to relieve the stress of planning the event alone.
  2. You need help creating a budget and sticking to it.
  3. You want your event to be creative and clever.
  4. You need access to top-notch, exciting, and trusted vendors.
  5. You need someone with expertise to advise you on your decisions.
  6. You need someone to negotiate contracts and get you the best deals.
  7. You need help with troubleshooting when issues arise.
  8. You need another set of eyes on the planning to pay attention to detail.
  9. You need the timing of the event to flow seamlessly.
  10. You want to enjoy your big day with your friend and family!
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The Process
The Process

The best way to get the process started is with a one on one consultation. A face to face meeting with your event planner, where you can share initial ideas, ask questions and discuss concerns. Selecting a planner is a big decision and it is important for everyone to get to know one another.

Once hired, your planner will get started right away with the most important items first. Selecting a venue, entertainment and photography are usually the first items on the “to do” list.

There will be many phases to the process, some being more intensive, like the invitation selection, mailing and tracking responses. Other times will be loose and fun, like creating a logo and selecting signature colors.

Trust the process, and most importantly trust your planner for a successful event!

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There are three packages offered so that you can select what fits best for you!

Full-Service Event Planning is typically started one to three years out. This package includes an extensive venue selection, budget creation and tracking, and a hand-holder for the tricky and tedious invitation process.

Mid-Level Planning is typically from the six-month mark. You select the venue, hire the vendors, and choose your own invitations. After that Jennifer jumps in and executes your theme, decor, audio-visual and lighting. This package also includes managing your vendors and contacts from this point on until the event.

Month Of Event Coordination is exactly what it sounds like. You plan the event and Jennifer hops in at one month from the event to “Tie A Bow” on it! Includes final vendor management, payment of invoices, guest seating consultation, floor plan consulting, and of course, working the event the day of. Jennifer will be there from start to finish to ensure your event goes smoothly!

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It was an unforgettable evening at the Old Red Museum of Dallas County History & Culture.

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A gorgeous Jewish wedding at Noahs Event Center

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Frequently Asked Questions
How soon should I hire a wedding planner?

Good wedding planners have busy schedules. Hire your planner first!

How can I help my wedding planner?

You should do the research, and call references prior to booking your planner. If you have done your homework, you can rest assured you have hired the right person.

After that, the best piece of advice I can give anyone…trust your event planner. Relax, and allow the planner to do the job he/she was hired for and everything will go smoothly.

How can a wedding planners save me money?

Any good planner should “earn their keep”. Hiring a planner seems like a big expense, but your planner can help you navigate through many decisions about where to spend your money, saving you in the long run.

Should I get a wedding planning book?

Absolutely! Planning your wedding can be a fun “obsession” and creating a folder and saving your invoices and photos in one place is a great idea, and it can even become a keepsake that you keep and look back on years later.

Of course, these days you really should have a digital version as well. Keep a folder on your computer with all of your bids and quotes and each time it changes be sure to re-name it so you have the most current version at your fingertips (but don’t delete the old ones, so you have them as a reference).

I like to have a shared folder with my clients so they can see all of my bids and documents in real time.

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